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Handling Imail or Umail login problems

Important: UITS is preparing to retire the Imail service, and users can no longer create new Imail accounts. Current users are not affected at this time, and will be given at least six months' notice before Imail is discontinued. For more information, see About the Imail retirement.

If you are having trouble logging into your Indiana University Imail or Umail account via the web, first check that you are entering the appropriate credentials (i.e., username and password or passphrase) for the interface you're using:

If you're still having trouble, consider the following:

If you're still having trouble, check the following, in order:

  1. Make sure you have entered your login credentials correctly and that your Caps Lock key is not on. You can try changing your IU Network ID passphrase using the Passphrase Maintenance utility.

  2. You must have cookies enabled for Imail or Umail to work properly. For help, see the "Viewing and controlling cookies" section of What are cookies?

    Note: For Imail, you also need to have Java enabled. Check your browser's help for instructions.

  3. If you are using Umail, you may need to unlock your account using your IU username and Umail password. For instructions, see Using Umail, why can't I access my mail through a POP or IMAP client, or my mobile device?

  4. Check the Account Management Service (AMS) to check whether your account was created successfully; see How can I find out which UITS computing accounts I have? Look for an account on Imail or Umail. If you don't see one, click create more accounts, and follow the instructions for creating a Umail account.

    Note: Students may no longer create Imail accounts. Umail accounts are available only to students; faculty and staff must create IU Exchange accounts.

  5. If you have a personal firewall set up on your computer, you may need to change some settings to allow access to Imail or Umail. Consult the documentation for your firewall software.

  6. If you are connecting through an outside Internet service provider (ISP), check with your ISP to see if a firewall or any blocking measures could be preventing you from accessing Imail or Umail.

  7. Spyware on your computer may be blocking access to Imail or Umail. Follow the instructions for your security software to run a scan and remove any harmful programs.

    Note: For personal computers, UITS recommends Windows Defender for Windows 8.x, which comes as part of Windows 8.x as a full antivirus suite. Be aware that the earlier version of Windows Defender on IUware is not the full suite, but a spyware program only. For Windows 7 and Vista, UITS recommends Microsoft Security Essentials, available free of charge via IUware. Be sure to have only one antivirus program installed.

If you're still unable to log into your Imail or Umail account, contact your campus Support Center. When you do, provide an alternative email address, if possible, so a consultant can contact you via email if necessary.

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Last modified on March 13, 2014.

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