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What Linux newsgroups are available?

There are various mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups for Linux discussion:

  • comp.os.linux.announce is a moderated newsgroup for announcements about Linux (e.g., new programs, bug fixes).

  • comp.os.linux.answers contains all the FAQ files, HOWTO files, and other important documentation.

  • comp.os.linux.admin is an unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of administration of Linux systems.

  • comp.os.linux.development is an unmoderated newsgroup specifically for discussion of Linux kernel development. The only application development questions that should be discussed here are those that are intimately associated with the kernel. All other development questions are probably generic Unix development questions and should be directed to a comp.unix group instead.

  • is an unmoderated newsgroup for any Linux questions that don't belong anywhere else.

  • comp.os.linux.misc is the replacement for comp.os.linux, and is meant for any discussion that doesn't belong elsewhere.

Additional topical Linux newsgroups include:

  • comp.os.linux.advocacy

  • comp.os.linux.alpha

  • comp.os.linux.development.apps

  • comp.os.linux.development.system

  • comp.os.linux.hardware

  • comp.os.linux.m68k

  • comp.os.linux.networking

  • comp.os.linux.portable

  • comp.os.linux.powerpc


  • comp.os.linux.setup

  • comp.os.linux.x

In general, you should not cross-post between the Linux newsgroups. The only cross-posting that is appropriate is an occasional posting between one unmoderated group and comp.os.linux.announce. The whole point of splitting comp.os.linux into many groups is to reduce traffic in each.

The Linux FAQ is periodically posted to many of the Linux newsgroups, mailing lists, and FTP sites. You can browse and search the FAQ Archives at the Linux FAW web site.

Some of the above information came from the Linux Information Sheet.

At Indiana University, for personal or departmental Linux or Unix systems support, see At IU, how do I get support for Linux or Unix?

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